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Building Your Career Foundation

Continuous learning and opportunities for growth are everywhere at Greene Tweed. We routinely work with major industry organizations, subject matter experts, and our customers to develop high-performance solutions for critical challenges. These partnerships allow recent graduates to learn from technical leaders around the world. And through cross-departmental collaboration, they experience the full scope of our organization. This exposure to diverse people, ideas, and roles provides a solid foundation for building a successful career.

In addition to knowledge gained, recent graduates have the chance to make a material impact on our customers’ operations and the international community. The solutions we manufacture are part of global efforts to reduce aircraft emissions, meet rising world energy demands, and advance the next generation of semiconductor technology. Our employees play a crucial role in bringing these products to market. And by collaborating at all levels, everyone makes a contribution.

At Greene Tweed, recent graduates gain global exposure, work with industry leaders on cross-functional teams, and have the chance to make an impact. If this sounds like the foundation you want, view our open positions and apply today.


Seeking Innovative People

Greene Tweed employees are focused on solving complex problems, and we rely on the knowledge of experienced professionals to do so. Our culture is powered by our focus on innovation and technology. And all of our employees – from scientists, engineers, and customer support representatives to marketing professionals – strive for continuous learning at every opportunity. We regularly seek new ways of driving growth and innovation, and we execute our ideas with agility to deliver business results. This is how we bring diverse products to market, and provide maximum value for our customers.

The beliefs that define our company and our decision making are based on principles drafted by a multifunctional, global team of employees. Our Commitments and the Principles that Guide Our Behavior set the standard for achieving success, customer service, business and employee collaboration, and camaraderie. Greene Tweed employees are encouraged to hold themselves and each other accountable for living these values on a daily basis.


At Greene, Tweed, we value veterans and the wealth of experience they bring to the workforce. We are proud to help Veterans successfully transition into civilian careers.