Five Reasons Why I Joined Greene Tweed

by:Pragati Verma

If there’s one question you hear over and over every time you start a new job, it’s this: “What made you choose this company?” And it was no different when I accepted a job offer from Greene Tweed a few months back. Obviously, I know my reasons, but I decided to dig deeper and solicit inputs from others who had made the same decision before me.

The opportunity presented itself on my very first day at work, when I discovered that I was scheduled to meet my teammates and several other cross-functional partners in onboarding sessions during the next couple of weeks. I posed the question – “Why Greene Tweed?” – to everyone I met, from company leaders, engineers, scientists, sales executives, to shopfloor workers and managers – during our one-on-one meetings. While each of them shared their unique insights, perspectives, and experiences, there were a few common themes. Here are the main takeaways from my conversations:

1. Make a difference across industries

What do semiconductor, aerospace, defense, energy, and life sciences have in common? If you are thinking that these industries are the key engines of economic development, you would be right. But as you might have guessed by now, all these use Greene Tweed products to enable their critical equipment to face harsh conditions. No wonder, most of the people I met during the onboarding sessions had interesting stories about how their work made a difference across these industries. It’s not hard to love a job that offers an opportunity to discover innovative ways to reduce the weight of a well-known aircraft, or to enable a luxury car maker to quickly pivot to manufacturing ventilators to save lives, or support a semiconductor maker to realign its production to meet the shortage crippling global tech and automotive sectors.

Greene Tweed Careers

2. Create and Innovate

When your work touches a myriad of industries, the possibilities of building something that has never existed before are endless. Going by my meetings, Greene Tweed is full of people who take pride in the innovative and disruptive materials and components they have helped create. Several team members talked of their role in creating a unique material that can withstand extremely high pressures and corrosive fluids in downhole conditions. Others narrated their journey of developing materials that can survive in the aggressive operating environments of chip-making fabrication plants. Yet others explained how their team replaced a complex multi-piece assembly with a single-piece, lighter and stronger component.

3. People First

One of the first things I noticed at Greene Tweed is that it’s a collaborative community that prioritizes its people. It didn’t take me long to discover why. Almost everyone I met agreed what binds the diverse Greene Tweed community together — The opportunity to do meaningful work and being valued for it. From grassroots employees to management, everyone recognizes that the company’s ability to deliver value to its customers depends on the value they create for their people. And it shows in the way Greene Tweed puts their employees first and helps them gain the skills, experience, and support they need to develop and succeed. The People First approach extends to personal, family, and professional commitments, especially in these challenging times. It is evident in how management facilitates flexibility in work arrangements wherever and whenever they can, from professional development opportunities to hybrid working arrangements and Flex-Fridays during the summer months.

greene tweed careers

4. Environment of collaboration

The shared passion for innovation and a people-first approach have created a culture of collaboration at Greene Tweed. From engineering and manufacturing to sales and marketing, everyone I’ve met spoke of how we share knowledge, learn from one another, shift workloads to help each other complete jobs and meet deadlines. This collaboration culture, however, doesn’t mean that they don’t question each other. Instead, as several of them said, “It’s the feeling that we will all succeed together.” This community works best for those who love solving problems and can collaborate with people with diverse perspectives to challenge convention and explore new possibilities.

5. Strong Legacy, Bright Future

For over 150 years, Greene Tweed has been working with customers, collaborating and identifying their most-pressing challenges and solving them with new technologies, but everyone I meet here is excited about their next breakthrough application. And this incredible mix of strong legacy and a bold vision of innovations to drive game-changing outcomes for customers is what makes this an incredible time to join Greene Tweed.

For me, onboarding was an aha-moment: Joining Greene Tweed is an opportunity to help solve some of the toughest sealing, lightweighting, connecting, and wear challenges for semiconductors, aerospace, defense, energy, and industrial sectors across the globe – and grow with the organization.

(Pragati Verma recently joined Greene Tweed as Content Marketing Specialist)