Our Research & Development and Engineering professionals are at the heart of every Greene, Tweed solution. Working in tandem with sales, marketing, and manufacturing, they research next-generation materials, test new products, and design high-performance solutions.

To encourage innovation, our R&D and engineering teams have access to the latest software, equipment, testing capabilities and facilities. And the tools of social business enable collaboration with customers and industry leaders around the world. Continuous learning is fundamental to Greene, Tweed’s culture, and participation in training, conferences, and other avenues for development is highly encouraged.

In addition to solving customer challenges, our R&D and engineering teams have the ability to participate in pressing global issues. Our lightweight composites reduce fuel burn and emissions on aircraft. Our wear solutions and electrical connectors help meet rising world energy demand. And our plasma-resistant seals extend the limits of semiconductor technology. In this context, our R&D and engineering professionals do much more than design parts – they help shape the future.

For a chance to grow your expertise, make a material contribution to the world, and work alongside some of the brightest minds in industry, review our job openings today.