Sealing Solutions

sealing solutions

Greene Tweed sealing solutions range from standard o-rings to custom-engineered seal designs for complex applications.

Electrical & Fiber Optic Connectors

fiber optic and electrical connectors

Seal-Connect® electrical and fiber optic connector solutions ensure optimal signal quality in the most volatile environments.

Structural Components

Greene Tweed’s Structural Components are molded composite / thermoplastic parts generally used to replace metallic parts.

Engineered Components

Our Engineered Components are composite / thermoplastic parts that provide performance properties related to wear and chemical resistance.


If you’re looking for an elastomer sealing solution designed to perform under extreme conditions, our design engineers will work with you to determine the best material for the job.


arlon 3000 thermoplastic

Greene Tweed's advanced thermoplastic materials are designed for thermal stability, chemical resistance, reduced wear, and enhanced mechanical performance in the most challenging conditions.

Thermoplastic Composites

Our high-performance thermoplastic composites are designed to replace complex metallic components for aerospace and defense, chemical processing, space, industrial, and other applications.