Greene, Tweed’s Chemraz® 676 is an ultra-high-temperature and highly chemical-resistant FFKM elastomer material specifically formulated to meet and exceed the requirements of Aerospace Material Specification (AMS) 7257E.

Chemraz® 676 has industry-leading compression set properties and a maximum operating temperature of 615°F/324°C that make it an ideal choice for applications such as engine and fuel manifolds where high temperatures and aggressive chemicals combine to shorten the life of standard elastomers. Chemraz® 676 is highly resistant to all existing aerospace fluids, including red oils and phosphate ester hydraulic fluids, engine oils, and aviation fuels.

Chemraz® 676 is superior to competitive materials in its physical properties, offering excellent compression set and tensile strength properties while providing a low cost of ownership.

Chemraz® 676 temperature range: 0°F/-18°C to 615°F/324°C.

Typical Properties

Color Black
Hardness, Shore A, ASTM D1414 74
Tensile strength, psi/MPA 2667/18.39
Ultimate elongation, %, ASTM D1414 148
Compression set, %, 70 h @ 446°F/230°C,
25% deflection, ASTM D1414
Low-temperature retraction, °F/°C,
ASTMD-1329, TR-10/50

Chemraz® 676 is available in the following products and shapes:

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