As a leading manufacturer of high-performance elastomers, advanced-engineered thermoplastics, high-performance thermoplastic composites, and integrated material solutions, Greene, Tweed is a global company with facilities across North America, Europe and Asia.

Over 150 years ago, Greene, Tweed began as a small distributor. Today, our components are used by leaders across the aerospace, petrochemical & power, oilfield, and semiconductor & solar industries.

21st Century
Enabling Next Generation

The world’s technology is changing at a rapid pace. Greene, Tweed has stayed on-par with our industry-leading customers, developing innovative materials and solutions that enable your next generation technology. In addition to developing new compounds and capabilities for our elastomers and thermoplastics, we have expanded into new capabilities to further the benefits to our customers. Our large portfolio of high-performance thermoplastic composites expanded even further with the invention of Xycomp® for structural components, which has proven to be highly beneficial in a variety of applications and industries. And our latest OpTegra® integrated solutions have achieved dramatic production improvements for our semiconductor & solar customers.

Our dedication to meeting your needs doesn’t stop with new materials and solutions. We have expanded our operational facilities to provide you with local response on a global scale. Building on our global headquarters in Pennsylvania, Greene, Tweed manufacturing facilities can be found around the world, including Texas, the United Kingdom and Asia. We have also expanded our research and development teams with our Advanced Technology team in Pennsylvania, our Composites Research team in Switzerland, and our elastomeric compounding team in Asia.

Since 1863, Greene, Tweed has remained dedicated to new ideas, exceptional people and quality products. It is this commitment to delivering the best that has kept our company at the forefront of the industries we serve. We have maintained this corporate identity for almost 150 years – and will continue innovating to meet your expanding needs now and into the future.

20th Century
Expanding into New Markets

In 1945, Greene, Tweed permanently moved its facilities from New York to Pennsylvania. Innovation was at the forefront of the company’s strategy, developing unique sealing solutions such as G-T® rings. Greene, Tweed was awarded a patent for this advanced solution in 1971 and the unique design soon became standard in a majority of the world’s aircraft, such as the Boeing 747 jumbo jet and the super-sonic Concord. In fact, over 90% of airplanes utilize Greene, Tweed solutions!

In the 1980s, Greene, Tweed firmly established their role as a sealing leader with the innovation of Chemraz® elastomers, and Arlon® and Avalon® thermoplastics, opening up new opportunities in petrochemical & power, oilfield and semiconductor industries. These innovative new materials offered a host of benefits across these new markets, including greater chemical resistance, higher temperature capabilities and dramatically improved reliability. We also began our global expansion with the incorporation of offices in England, France, Germany and Japan. In 1990, Greene Tweed became the first company in the world to offer clean-room manufacturing for semiconductor sealing solutions, minimizing harmful contaminants for the industry’s critical applications. This decade also brought new advances in thermoplastic composite materials, launching a comprehensive line of wear and abrasion resistant components with our WR® and AR® portfolio.

The 1990s also brought exceptional benefits for the oilfield industry, as Greene, Tweed expanded into this challenging market with the invention of our Seal-Connect® electrical connectors for improved data flow in essential downhole tools.

19th Century
Greene, Tweed Opens its Doors in Manhattan

In the midst of the Civil War, Greene, Tweed & Co. opened a small office on Murray Street in Lower Manhattan in 1863. Established by brothers J. Ashton Greene and John W. Greene, and partner Henry A. Tweed, the firm distributed wholesale hardware and mill supplies around the bustling city. By the end of the war, the partners were trading throughout all 35 states and ten territories. Their products also expanded beyond general hardware to more specialized tools and leather goods such as buggy whips, harnessing, and leather belting. It was this foray into leather that began our long history of innovation, developing water pump seals with this supple material.

In the late 1890s, Greene, Tweed took its first step into manufacturing, buying out a former supplier and launching a new line of sealing components. And as industrial equipment requirements became more demanding, Greene, Tweed responded with the invention of Palmetto sealing solutions. These new seals allowed pump manufacturers to achieve higher temperatures than previously possible for greater application potential.