Fiber Optic Extreme

Developed for use in downhole oil drilling operations, Fiber Optic Extreme® – an optical connection system that ensures data transmission when exposed to extreme pressures and extreme temperatures – is capable of withstanding operating pressures of 25,000 psi and temperatures up to 347°F (175°C).

  • High-pressure operation—Our connections are designed for operation up to 25,000 psi
  • High-temperature operation—Our connections are designed for operation up to 347 °F (175°C)
  • Channel count— 1 to 48 channels
  • Small size—Connectors fit in external housing less than 0.5″ OD
  • Patented technology—Our proprietary joining technology ensures sealing and precision alignment under extreme conditions
  • Single or multi-channel configuration—Available per customer configuration, all designs can incorporate single-mode and multi-mode fibers
  • Stainless steel bodies—Manufactured from 17-4pH, Inconel® 718, Inconel® 625 or Hastelloy® C-276; other materials can be considered on a case-by-case basis
  • Test reports—Every connector and feedthrough adapter is 100 percent tested for light insertion loss prior to delivery; a test report accompanies every connector and feedthrough

The superior ruggedness of the Fiber Optic Extreme® penetrator is demonstrated in a comprehensive test report outlining the environmental and mechanical testing conducted by an independent laboratory. The report includes temperature cycling, salt fog, shock, vibration and pressure tests.

Statements and recommendations are based on our experience and knowledge of typical applications for this product and shall not constitute a guarantee or warranty of performance nor a modification or alteration of our standard product warranty which shall be applicable to such products. To ensure hermeticity and environmentally sealed connections that utilize a Greene Tweed adapter and/or feedthrough it is IMPORTANT that you use only connectivity products from Greene Tweed. The performance of the connector within a given assembly can produce varying results.

Fiber Optics for Data Transmission

Greene Tweed has acquired Lancer Systems’ product portfolio of fiber optic solutions and related intellectual property.

Lancer fiber optic connector products are specified by leading oil and gas service companies for use in wellhead outlets and are used in other critical applications, such as rotary joints in wind turbines. The acquisition included Lancer’s Fiber Optic Extreme®, an optical connection system that ensures data transmission when exposed to extreme pressures (up to 25,000 psi) and temperatures (up to 175°C/347°F).

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