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Enhanced Bonding Solution Offers Improved Strength & Life Time for Seals

Customized Solutions through Superior Bonding Capabilities

In HPHT (high pressure/high temperature) situations, the downhole environment becomes increasingly complex and aggressive, both chemically and mechanically. In these extreme conditions, it is difficult to maintain a strong, lasting bond between elastomers and metallic materials, such as stainless steel or nickel alloy, due to the temperature limits of conventional adhesives. Greene, Tweed’s new patent pending bonding solution offers a stronger and more reliable bond to a wide variety of metal substrates, extending the life of sealing solutions in HPHT applications.

Greene, Tweed’s bonding solution leverages an enhanced line of fluoroelastomers, such as Chemraz®, Fluoraz® and FKM, created through a proprietary compounding process. Using the same adhesive and metallic substrates, our enhanced elastomeric bonds hold above the current temperature limits of traditional adhesive methods, increasing seal reliability, reducing maintenance costs and decreasing disruptive downtime in HP/HT environments.

Greene, Tweed’s bonding technology utilizes the enhanced chemical and physical properties of our Chemraz®, Fluoraz® and FKM elastomers to offer stronger, customizable sealing solutions for a wide range of HP/HT applications. These bonded components can be used in conjunction with ProTechna®, our proprietary technology that eliminates direct exposure of sensitive components to damaging conditions, to further extend operational service life and improve reliability.

Example of Chemraz 588 bonded to Inconel seal

Example of Chemraz bonded to Inconel seal



  • Enhances bond strength to withstand harsh conditions and improve seal service life and address washout concerns
  • Enables improved reliability and efficiency of seals to reduce downtime and decrease maintenance costs
  • Offers custom, application-specific development
  • Provides good chemical and physical properties


    • Bonded seals
    • High pressure and high temperature applications
    • Used in conjunction with ProTechna
    • When washout is a concern