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Elastomeric/Thermoplastic Vee Rings


A multi-lip (redundant), pressure-activated seal is constructed of elastomeric and/or thermoplastic components. Pressure differential develops across each lip and a column mechanical load expands across the entire packing set and is constant at any point in the set.

Vector forces acting on the lips of the Vee induce a radial load that is a function of the Vee ring design.

The redundancy concept of the multiple lips maintains sealing integrity over all application parameters, minimizing the chances of catastrophic failure.


Gland Design
Greene, Tweed designers prefer open gland configurations to accurately control the FSH and CSH (Free and Confined Stack Heights) to give optimum seal performance, as well as to aid installation.

End and central adapters are manufactured from Greene, Tweed proprietary thermoplastics.

Thermoplastics do not gall or corrode and can be designed as a bearing or debris barrier.


Note: Please refer to Greene, Tweed & Co. Houston Engineering for part number.