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Xycomp® Composite Containment Shell

High-Performance Composite Design


Traditionally, in magnetically driven pumps and mixers, 5 – 10 percent of the energy is lost as heat due to eddy currents. When using Greene, Tweed’s composite shell, manufactured from our Xycomp® material, pumps require less energy than traditional shells, therefore, reducing costs. The Xycomp shell is used for magnetic couplings in pumps and mixers in hydrocarbon and chemical applications.

The Xycomp shell acts as the sealing element of the magnet coupling. It seals the inner rotor (impeller side) from the outer rotor (motor side), allowing an eddy current-free transmission of the magnetic force. The lack of eddy current enhances torque transmission, increasing efficiency in refineries and protecting the environment.

Made from an advanced thermoplastic composite, reinforced with high strength carbon fiber and molded through our proprietary Techna3 process, the containment shell is an ideal replacement for materials such as 316SS and Hastelloy®.

Techna3 is a proprietary composite capability for manufacturing complex, contoured composite shapes in a single part, eliminating multiple pieces. Secondary machining is often unnecessary. Techna3 also facilitates the forming of walls thinner than existing plastic or ceramic containment shells or double-walled metallic shells. Thinner walled Xycomp shells can be a benefit in some applications. The calculation shows the difference.

* Note: 316SS and Hastelloy shells.

* Note: 316SS and Hastelloy shells.


Section view of magnetic coupling

Section view of magnetic coupling



  • For magnetic couplings used in magnetic pumps and mixers found in the manufacture and treatment of toxic, aggressive or explosive media
  • Refining and chemical applications


  • Ability to offer customized, finished parts
  • For larger shells the wall thickness is proportionate to the ID at constant working pressure



  • Reduced eddy current loss—Eddy current loss with composite shells is more than 120 times lower than for Hastelloy® shells, leading to considerable energy savings with Xycomp. Greene, Tweed’s Xycomp containment shell means that bigger couplings and higher revolutions once limited due to the amount of energy loss are feasible.
  • Higher torques—Higher torques lead to minimized energy losses, thus increasing performance and efficiency of the magnetic coupling and significantly reducing power requirements.
  • Reduced heat transfer—The Xycomp shell experiences minimal energy loss from eddy current, and the fluid temperature remains stable, unlike conventional pump shells, increasing safety in hydrocarbon applications where pumps are operating close to the boiling point.
  • Easy installation—The shell is attached to the pump housing based on customer requirements, allowing for easy installation.
  • Excellent shock and impact resistance—Xycomp material provides excellent resistance to thermal shock and impact during utilization, installation and maintenance, so the risk of damage is decreased in comparison to ceramic shells, which are brittle and delicate to handle. The Xycomp shell adapts to all sizes and pressures and is ideal for small and large pumps.


* Note: Depending on application conditions. Contact GT engineering for further assistance.

* Note: Depending on application conditions. Contact GT engineering for further assistance.