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AR®HT is a proprietary thermoplastic material specifically developed for use as bushings, bearings and wear rings in pumps handling abrasive media up to 250°F (120°C). ARHT provides outstanding chemical, thermal shock and impact resistance, making it a better wear material than traditional rubber, ceramic or bronze materials.

Greene, Tweed’s proprietary AR thermoplastic materials exhibit outstanding wear characteristics in media containing solids. AR combines excellent abrasive resistance, good dry run capability and superior vibration dampening characteristics with no hydrolysis or swell.

ARHT works well in a variety of abrasive pump applications including those working with circulating water, open and closed cooling water, river water, screen wash and crude oil pumps. When using ARHT pump users can operate their equipment with much tighter clearances, boosting efficiency and improving process reliability. ARHT is API 610 approved for stationary wear applications.


  • Increased high-temperature range makes it ideal for hot water, crude oil and abrasive hydrocarbon applications
  • Improvement of pump reliability over traditional bearing materials due to lower wear in abrasive media
  • Nongalling and nonseizing properties help avoid unplanned shutdowns due to pump failures caused by excessive vibration or dry-run startup
  • Extends lifetime and operation of mechanical seals and pumps due to excellent vibration dampening characteristics
  • Lower coefficient of friction aids survival in “off design” pump conditions, such as intermittent dry run, better than traditional materials like cutlass rubber
  • Easy to machine and install to exact finished dimensions, reducing pump repair turnaround times and lowering repair costs
  • Low hydrolysis or swell makes designing parts easier and helps maintain their physical properties in water applications
  • Very good physical properties allow the bearings to receive impact from the shaft or shaft sleeve without breaking or cracking during operation



  • Circulating water pumps
  • Crude oil multistage pumps
  • Open and closed cooling water pumps
  • River water pumps
  • Screen wash pumps
  • Sump pumps


Greene, Tweed manufactures ARHT machined components world-wide at our own QRCs (Quick Response Centers), dedicated machine centers, making them readily available in short-lead times. Greene, Tweed’s on-site manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce simple or complex parts to our customers’ specifications. Billet sizes range from diameters of 1 in. to 58 in. (2.54 cm to 147.32 cm) with lengths up to 8 in. (20.32 cm) (depending on diameter and wall thickness).


The chart shows percent weight change (loss) per hour of Greene, Tweed’s AR materials compared to traditional materials.