WR® and AR® thermoplastic composites resist wear and tolerate upsets for enhanced safety, reliability and efficiency in Vertical Pumps. Due to their non-galling, non-seizing properties, WR and AR wear rings and bearings tolerate periods of dry-run during startup – a common issue in the upper bearings of vertical pumps. They also withstand abrasive media such as sea water for extended service life.

Able to run tighter clearances than traditional materials, WR and AR components aid in stabilizing the impeller and shaft for reduced vibration and improved system reliability. Tighter clearances minimize recirculation at multiple locations, boosting pump efficiency overall. In addition, WR and AR components will not spark or cause collateral damage to hardware. With compounds developed to handle a range of temperatures, pressures, and media, the optimum material can be found for any application.

For information about our high performance composites please download our WR and AR quick reference guide here.

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Thermoplastic composite overview
Composite wear parts for axial loads