Chemraz® XTR, a perfluoroelastomer (FFKM), is specifically designed to withstand the highly corrosive environments that commonly occur from using ClF3 as a cleaning gas. Chemraz® XTR addresses application challenges typically found in ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) of titanium nitride and other nitride-based film deposition. With its unique molecular composition combined with fillers, it provides the highest available chemical resistance to thermal cleaning processes utilizing ClF3, resulting in minimal contamination, minimal weight loss and longer seal lifetime. This means less downtime and higher wafer-processing yields.

Chemraz® XTR is recommended for both static and semi-dynamic applications in systems used for fi lm deposition and etching, specifically for ALD of new barrier layers for advanced devices. These layers consist of materials that are difficult to etch; therefore, ClF3 is employed for cleaning. Chemraz® XTR has high chemical resistance to corrosive fluorine-based chemistries at elevated temperatures. In addition, Chemraz® XTR remains stable to service temperatures exceeding 300°C (572°F) while demonstrating exceptional compression set resistance. This combination of excellent chemical resistance and low compression set in the extremely elevated temperatures found in process chambers extends seal longevity.


  • Exceptional resistance to fluorine-based plasma environments for increased productivity
  • Outstanding resistance to ClF3 “thermal cleans” in ALD equipment results in extended PM (preventative maintenance) cycles
  • Very low extraneous metallic ion content for reduced contamination
  • Minimal compression set at elevated temperatures ensures sealing integrity
  • Extended production performance with added reliability increases equipment operational time
  • Reduced stiction simplifies PM


  • Process chamber seals including:
    – Gate valve seals
    – Isolator valve seals
    – Lid seals
    – Gas inlet/outlet seals
    – Slit valve seals
    – Chamber wall seals
  • Systems employing remote delivery of ionized fluorine



  • Systems depositing barrier layers of TiN, TaN and other refractory metal-based films
  • Thermal environment with both high temperature (>300ºC) and high concentration of ionized fluorine, ionized by plasma or thermal methods
  • Delivery tubing seals for remotely generated fluorine-based gaseous cleans or thermally ionized ClF3 gas