High-Compatibility Seals for Pharma and Biotech 

Our proven portfolio in engineering and advanced materials provides industry-leading solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturing.​

The FDA-certified materials are PTFE-like sealing materials built to handle the most challenging pharmaceutical manufacturing and processing conditions where FDA compliance is required. ​

Greene Tweed solutions are built to perform under extreme chemical, pressure, and temperature conditions, extending the lifecycle of your instruments and reducing costly downtime. ​

Chemraz® SD517
Chemraz® SD517 is a white, high-purity, synthetic, fluorinated rubber with comparable chemical compatibility to polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Chemraz® SD517 is a choice material for high-performance seals and custom flexible shapes in pharma, biotech, and food applications with comprehensive compliance.​

Chemraz® SD625
Chemraz® SD625 is a black, synthetic, high-purity rubber with temperature and chemical compatibility similar to PTFE. Chemraz® SD625 parts have high service temperatures (up to 500°F/260°C), near-universal chemical compatibility, and extensive compliance coverage. Exceptional service lifetime in steam-in-place (SIP) applications. Available in o-rings, gaskets, and many other custom shapes​.

Chemraz® SD585 
Chemraz® SD585 is a specialty cream compound formulated to outlast the most demanding chemical process applications found in Life Sciences; providing temperature range of -30°F/-20°C to 430°F/ 220°C and compliant to FDA / Class VI certifications​.

Greene Tweed FDA-Certified Materials
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