Greene Tweed Reflects on Leading through a Pandemic

by:Greene Tweed

Our President Kevin Lukiewski explains why investing in tools, people, and technology is key to long-term growth.

Kevin Lukiewski took over as president of Greene Tweed just days before COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. His story of steering the company through the shutdowns and severe travel restrictions of the coronavirus crisis — resetting priorities, making big investments, and empowering employees — is featured in Impeller Net, an international publication about the pumps industry.

The article notes that Lukiewski began by listening carefully to identify which industries were experiencing upticks in business due to the pandemic and which were experiencing downturns.

“You can’t be stagnant or stay still in the world. We have to invest in tools, people, and technology if we want to grow,” he says as he elaborates the strategic growth initiatives that the company began in March 2020 to meet customers’ quality, on-time delivery, and volume needs. He goes on to share Greene Tweed’s journey, narrating how the company aligned to markets and organized along product lines while maintaining the same quality of products and services. The feature article also details the company’s investments in new methods of increasing production capability, improving quality control, and integrating data systems.

He punctuated his message about investment in infrastructure by emphatically stating that investment in people is critical to support growth targets. “I see a lot of people in leadership roles who got there by pushing forward their own particular view of the right way to do things and end up in conflict with others holding different views. I believe when we understand and respect each other’s point of view we become powerful as a company,” he sums up.

Impeller Net editors sum up by saying,” The company has seized upon the opportunities offered by its strategic transition process in place before the pandemic began to meet these emerging needs. Led by company president Kevin Lukiewski, the leadership team at Greene Tweed continues to adapt and grow, preparing for the next several decades while meeting today’s challenges.”

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