Our Top 5 Stories of 2023

by:Greene Tweed

As we head into 2024, it's the perfect time to revisit our most popular blog posts of 2023. Before you delve into our Top Five, we want to take a moment to wish you Happy Holidays and a Joyful New Year!

When Chemistry Seals the Deal

Selecting the right seal for your application is not easy. If you want reliable and long-lasting performance, it's crucial to consider the following operational conditions. Read more

All Your Semiconductor Sealing Questions, Answered

Do you need an elastomer o-ring or sealing solution built to withstand aggressive liquids, gases, and plasma at extreme temperatures found in the harshest semiconductor applications? Here are answers to the key sealing questions facing semiconductor manufacturers: Read more

How Greene Tweed Restored Standard Lead Times for Semiconductor Customers

Over the past two years, semiconductor shortages have captured the world's attention. But for those in the industry, this crunch also shed light on the shortages and delayed shipments of FFKM o-rings that quietly power the chip manufacturing process. Discover the strategic moves that reshaped our timelines. Read more

How to Choose the Right Seal for Your Analytical Instruments

It's no secret that the demand for more precise and faster diagnosis is driving analytical instrument manufacturers toward harsher and more complex chemicals. We demystify the process of choosing materials that can withstand the harsh chemicals and maintain the integrity of seals. Read more

Fuel Pumps and Valves in the New Hydrogen Economy

What is the future of pumps, valves, and turbomachinery, especially in supporting the Hydrogen economy and carbon capture plants? The question set off an insightful exchange of ideas and viewpoints among industry leaders from Greene Tweed, Baker Hughes, Cryostar, and FS-Elliott just published in Hydrocarbon Engineering, a leading publication covering the global refining, gas processing, and petrochemical industry. Read more