Greene Tweed’s patented Seal-Connect® product line has evolved and expanded with more than 30 years of experience.

Seal-Connect® includes both electrical and fiber optic product portfolios. Whether you need a rotatable connector for a downhole drilling application or fiber optic cable for subsea, Greene Tweed’s Seal-Connect® product line will meet your specific requirements. With both standard and custom offerings, our experienced design engineers and manufacturing team will work with you to provide a reliable solution optimized for your application.

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Seal-Connect® Electrical Connectors

Our customers trust Greene Tweed for our high-quality electrical connector solutions manufactured from our best-in-class thermoplastic materials for reliable and consistent performance in critical applications. Seal-Connect® products move electrical signals while maintaining a seal in critical Oil & Gas operations, such as drilling, completions, and production.

Greene Tweed pioneered the use of PEEK with its Arlon® family of materials to overcome the inherent weaknesses in glass-to-metal connectors. Greene Tweed’s electrical connectors use an Arlon® PEEK body to minimize thermal expansion, provide chemical resistance, and promote effective sealing. Seal-Connect® body designs are offered in many different grades of Arlon®, including unfilled and glass filled.

Greene Tweed’s patented Arlon® 3000 XT is a highly cross-linked thermoplastic designed to withstand extreme conditions. When used as the connector body, Arlon® 3000 XT’s mechanical performance is enhanced in HPHT (high-pressure, high-temperature) environments, increasing reliability and extending service life.

Connector boots and o-rings are available in various custom profiles, sizes, and materials, including Chemraz® FFKM and Fusion® FKM.

Download the Seal-Connect® Electrical Catalog for more information.

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Visit our Arlon 3000XT® microsite to learn how this innovative material cross-linked PEEK can optimize performance for your application.

Greene Tweed's Seal Connect XCD

Seal-Connect® Fiber Optic Connectors

Greene Tweed’s Seal-Connect® portfolio of fiber optic solutions includes high-performance adapters, connectors and dust caps, and feedthroughs, in standard and custom solutions to fit any customer application. Seal-Connect® fiber optic connector products are specified across industries, including Aerospace & Defense, Power Generation, and Oil & Gas. These applications include use in wellhead outlets in upstream Oil & Gas and rotary joints in wind turbines.

Seal-Connect® fiber optic connectors include FC and ST connections made with precision-machined zirconia ferrule alignment sleeves, ensuring reproducible termini alignment every time. Connectors can be coupled with a permanent bulkhead feedthrough, FC or ST adapter, to create a hermetically sealed connection. Our expansive portfolio also includes single-fiber fiber optic cables composed of 900 μm buffered fiber, surrounded by aramid yarn and a PVC jacket.

For harsher environments, Greene Tweed’s Fiber Optic Extreme solutions provide an optical connection system that ensures data transmission when exposed to extreme pressures (up to 25,000 psi) and temperatures (up to 347˚F/175˚C). A list of Fiber Optic Extreme standard part offerings can be found in Greene Tweed’s Fiber Optic Catalog.

Download the Seal-Connect® Fiber Optic Catalog for more information.