Seal-Connect® Electrical Connectors

Greene Tweed’s patented Seal-Connect® electrical components consist of an Arlon® body to minimize thermal expansion, provide chemical resistance, and promote effective sealing. Designs may include corrosion-resistant support washers and specialized internal components to maintain geometric integrity at higher pressure and temperature. Arlon® enables greater pin density, allowing smaller connector sizes in tools where space is at a premium.

The resulting connector has good shock and electrical insulation resistance. Extensive QA and validation systems ensure the resultant design.


Seal-Connect® body designs are offered in many different grades of Arlon®, including unfilled and glass filled. Connector boots and o-rings are available in various styles and materials, including Chemraz® FFKM and Fusion™ FKM.

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Greene Tweed's Seal Connect XCD

Seal-Connect® Fiber Optic Connectors

Greene Tweed has acquired Lancer Systems’ product portfolio of fiber optic solutions and related intellectual property, including adapters, connectors and dust caps, and feedthroughs.

Seal-Connect® fiber optic connector products are specified by leading oil and gas service companies for use in wellhead outlets and are used in other critical applications, such as rotary joints in wind turbines. The acquisition included Lancer’s Fiber Optic Extreme®, an optical connection system that ensures data transmission when exposed to extreme pressures (up to 25,000 psi) and temperatures (up to 347˚F/175˚C).