Greene Tweed Talks Semiconductor Workforce Opportunities and Shortage

by:Pragati Verma

Greene Tweed's Carla Lopez-Hodoyan urges the need for building a Semiconductor Workforce

How can semiconductor companies attract a new generation of workers needed to meet the growing demand for semiconductors? The question raised an intense discussion between several industry experts from Microsoft, Greene Tweed, SEMI, and National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) in the latest episode of the ‘Creator Wanted’ series launched by NAM and The Manufacturing Institute to excite, educate, and empower a new generation of creators in America.

Called ‘Chip In: Build a Career Making Your Favorite Technologies’, the seven-minute episode features our Vice President of Sales and Commercial Operations, Carla Lopez-Hodoyan’s perspectives on how new investments will empower a new generation of chipmakers — and help reduce the skills gap holding the industry back. Commenting on the US government’s plans to invest over $50 billion to make the US a global leader in chip production, she said,” The government’s investment will be very important in driving visibility into the importance of semiconductors in our everyday lives and in the advancement of technology across the board. And with starting that awareness comes an important aspect of bringing together the most talented minds, individuals, and technology to begin to solve the challenges that are in front of us.”

The semiconductor industry has been facing tough times since last year, according to Walid Ali, who leads AI and sustainability in Energy and Manufacturing at Microsoft in the US. He said, “There has been a major disruption on the global stage with a lot of issues related to factory floors and change of rhythm.”

Hodoyan was not alone in expecting investments in semiconductor manufacturing to create opportunities. Stephanie Hall, director of Innovation Policy at the NAM said, “There is going to be a significant infusion of funds in the near term that’s going to catalyze job opportunities in the fabrication of chips and in the entire ecosystem.” Ajit Manocha, president, and CEO of SEMI agreed, “It could mean up to 400,000 jobs directly or indirectly related to chip manufacturing need to be filled between now and 2031.”

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