Evolution and Greene Tweed Partner to Develop Rugged Rotatable Connectors That Withstand Vibration and Shock

by:Greene Tweed

Evolution Engineering, a leader in Measurement While Drilling (MWD) tools, partnered with Greene Tweed to improve the performance of female rotatable connectors utilized in its EvoOne™ MWD tool. The EvoOne™ MWD tool provides EM and Mud Pulse telemetry in a single Unified Telemetry™ system, enabling users to choose how and when telemetries should operate. With its on-the-fly adaptability to changes in fluid, flow rate, and formation, users gain operational flexibility and higher ROP regardless of formation.

Evolution chose Greene Tweed’s Seal-Connect® electrical connectors for their ability to provide secure, reliable measurement transmission in MWD, LWD, and wireline applications.

Greene Tweed and Evolution successfully custom-engineered a female rotatable electrical connector to withstand excessive shock and vibration caused by industry requirements for higher ROP and extended reach laterals in drilling operations. The laboratory testing included 21 days at up to 40G RMS and approximately 50 shock cycles at ∼ 290G, all with cycling temperatures to 150°C/302°F.

These improvements are being integrated into EvoOne™ and are anticipated to contribute to the tool’s reliability and performance when operating in high shock and vibration environments. Read more about how Evolution Engineering and Greene Tweed partnered to increase reliability and performance here.

For more information on Evolution’s EvoOne™ Unified Telemetry™ tool, visit www.evolutioneng.com.

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