Greene Tweed’s Arlon® 4020 Labyrinth Seal Maximizes Efficiency In Compressor Operations for MAN Energy Solutions

by:Greene Tweed

Kulpsville, PA (November 2019) – MAN Energy Solutions, based in Berlin, Germany, sought Greene Tweed to help them substantially reduce internal leakage from their traditional metallic labyrinth seals in their integrally geared compressors.

Greene Tweed recommended Arlon® 4020, a proprietary PEEK thermoplastic material specifically developed for labyrinth seal applications combined with a custom-engineered tooth profile. The tooth profile enhances efficiency by encouraging vortex generation and reducing carry-over media that can bypass chambers, particularly in high-velocity applications.

The Greene Tweed labyrinth tooth design delivered superior performance compared to traditional metallic seals, and achieved maximum efficiency gain, approximately 1 to 1.5 percent overall, compared to aluminum labyrinth seals.

Read the case study on how Greene Tweed collaborated with MAN Energy Solutions to maximize the performance of their compressor operations here.

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