How They’re Made: FFKM O-Rings

by:David Afshar

Perfluoroelastomers (FFKM) are high-performing polymer materials known for broad chemical and temperature resistance. The ability to function and retain their physical properties in volatile environments makes FFKMs the ideal choice for semiconductor, Oil & Gas, industrial, pharmaceutical, and aerospace & defense applications.

FFKM O-ring benefits

FFKMs combine the elasticity of FKM with the superior chemical resistance of PTFE. Their chemical structure is comprised of super-strength carbon-fluorine bonds that give FFKM components their high chemical, thermal, and oxidation-resistant properties. Composed of 72.5% fluorine and a fully fluorinated backbone chain, FFKMs achieve the maximum level of fluorination possible without sacrificing the elastomeric properties required for high-performance O-rings and sealing systems.

FFKM O-rings boast best-in-class resistance to harsh chemicals including organic and inorganic acids, caustics, ketones, aldehydes, alcohols, ethers, fuels, sour gas, and hydrocarbons. Grades of FFKMs offer optimized performance in different operational conditions, including those that include ozone, steam, plasma, and rapid gas compression. FFKMs offer exceptional sealing performance and mechanical properties in a variety of applications spanning many markets where high temperature and chemical resistance are required for reliable performance.

How FFKM O-rings are manufactured

Manufacturing FFKM products begins with a specialized molding press. During injection molding, raw FFKM material is forced into the press and molded to the desired shape. Another method is compression molding, in which the elastomer is extruded from raw material, then placed into the press and shaped using high pressure and temperature. Greene Tweed’s product catalog features standard FFKM O-rings for a variety of industries as well as custom-engineered O-ring solutions for specialized applications.

Reliable performance

Chemraz® FFKM is our highest-performing elastomer and the ultimate elastomeric material. For more information on Chemraz®FFKM O-ring solutions, explore our product portfolio.

Chemraz® products have been used in the field for more than 30 years and have provided reliable operations in even the harshest operating conditions. For examples of how this advanced elastomer can work for you, look at our recent case studies.