Rating Scale

  1. Excellent, recommended for both static and dynamic services
  2. Good resistance, usually satisfactory in static applications, might work in dynamic applications
  3. Limited resistance, might work under certain conditions
  4. Not recommended for service
    N/A No rating due to insufficient data


  1. Chemraz 505 and 605 are first choice; Chemraz 526 recommended if pressure and/or temperature change rapidly
  2. Chemraz 585 or 615 recommended above 100°F (38°C)
  3. Chemraz 585 or 615 recommended at mixed concentrations
  4. Chemraz 585 recommended
  5. Chemraz 605 or 615 recommended above 300°F (149°C)
  6. Chemraz 615 not recommended
  7. Chemraz 615 not recommended at elevated temperature if medium contains amines
  8. Chemraz 615 not recommended for amines, imines and amides
  9. Chemraz 615 not recommended for elevated temperature (over 392°F/200°C)
  10. Chemraz 615 not recommended for hot water and steam
  11. Some volume swell expected when exposed to Freon and SUVA refrigerants; should return to original size when taken away from Freon or SUVA; use with caution for dynamic seal applications
  12. If problems with explosive decompression can occur at high pressure, Chemraz 526 is highly recommended
  13. Some volume swell expected
  14. Some volume swell expected, Chemraz 585 recommended
  15. Some volume swell expected, Chemraz 615 not recommended
  16. Strong oxidizer, Chemraz 585 recommended
  17. For white Chemraz only; trace amount of reinforcing filler may be extracted by the fluid

Statements and recommendations in this publication are based on our experience and knowledge of typical applications of this product and shall not constitute a guarantee of performance nor modify or alter our standard warranty applicable to such products. *Chemraz® 526 – for temperatures up to 482°F (250°C)