Greene Tweed’s In-House Product Testing Laboratory Validates Product Performance

by:Greene Tweed

Jeff Sweinhart, Greene Tweed Product Test Laboratory Supervisor

Greene Tweed’s Product Testing Laboratory (PTL) designs and builds custom test systems that simulate the end-use application of Greene Tweed products.

Greene Tweed is laser-focused on the performance and reliability of parts delivered for every aircraft, plasma chamber, and piece of oil exploration equipment produced by our customers. The PTL is proud to demonstrate that Greene Tweed parts are ahead of industry standards for quality and performance.

Greene Tweed Product Testing Lab
Product Testing Laboratory, High Bay Area at Kulpsville, PA

With the lab’s custom-designed testing capabilities we can validate the performance envelope of our products to customer requirements before the first part is shipped. This quality confirmation adds value for our customers, knowing the performance window of each Greene Tweed design has been tested, validated, and documented before the first part arrives.

Standard Dynamic Chew Testing
Standard Dynamic Chew Testing at -65°F (-54°C)

Greene Tweed’s PTL team is constantly challenging the extreme limits of our products by increasing the speed, temperature, pressure, and environment for which they are relied upon. Our pressure vessels can achieve 42,000 psi at 600°F (316°C), our dynamic cycling test rigs can operate at 5 Hz, our cold chambers capable of - 150°C (-238°F), and rotary capabilities as high as 9,000 RPM. With our custom equipment and capabilities, the PTL can perform a broad range of testing that can document a wide array of our product characteristics. These data are essential to support material and design improvements for all Greene Tweed products.

Actuator Rod and Seal Gland Assembly
Actuator Rod and Seal Gland Assembly for Product Testing

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