Celebrating the Women at Greene Tweed

by:Pragati Verma

This March marks the 25th anniversary of Women’s History Month. That’s a great opportunity to reflect on the advances women have made over the past few decades and honor women currently making history. We celebrate by looking inside Greene Tweed and shining light on the hard work and dedication of a few women and ask them to share their thoughts about their career, their inspiration, and what this month means to them.

Laura Manley, Application Engineer, Seal-Connect

Meet Laura Manley, Application Engineer for Seal-Connect®, who grew up with a physician mom and a stay-at-home dad, and that she says normalized the concept of women in the workplace for her. “Both of my parents value education, and I knew from an early age that I would go to college and have a career,” she adds. An electrical engineer leading projects for fiber optic products and working as Queue manager for Spec review, she is currently pursuing an MBA from Rice University.


To her, creating a strong network is as important as competence. And she has a simple piece of advice for other women: Connect with affinity groups and support each other. She explains with an example, “Industry groups have been a favorite way for me to expand my network. For example, when I joined the Women’s Energy Network, I was blown away by the welcoming and supportive nature of the organization.”



Greta Zurauskaite, Category Manager for Supply Chain

To Greta Zurauskaite, Category Manager for Supply Chain at Greene Tweed, this month is all about “Reflecting on and recognizing the strength and many accomplishments of brilliant women throughout history.” Reminiscing about the strong women she grew up with, she says, “It is interesting to see how all women in my family took jobs and quickly made them into careers and moved into leadership positions. My mother told me I can do anything I wanted but without obvious signs guided me through life and mentored me with every step. For this I will be forever grateful and she will be the women in life I will always look up to with great respect.”


When she joined Greene Tweed back in 2017, she spent the first few year understanding the company structure, identifying gaps, and figuring out how they aligned with her strengths. “I had a clear idea of what I wanted but this doesn’t mean the goal was to get a promotion or secure a more highly paid role. It was more about understanding the value I can bring to the company,” she says. Half a decade later, she feels that “staying consistent and focused” was the key to her success. "Greene Tweed was incredibly generous toward my career and believes I can do great things and drive change and improvement which helped me to stay focused and keep moving. I always feel that if I can be better than the day before, it is a great achievement,” she adds.

What advice would she give her younger self? “Don’t be afraid of unknown and be more confident. Don’t be afraid of hard work and give a lot without expecting anything back in return,” she exclaims.


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